Saturday, July 31st 2021
The CANCEResiliency Retreat

~A One Day Healing Immersion~
Essex, Vermont
9:00am – 5:30pm

We have room for only 6 individuals whose lives have been affected by cancer.  

  • Maybe you are currently under treatment and could use an energetic break from it all, to help your body/mind bathe in some ease and holistic neural support.
  • Or you finished treatment recently or a while ago and still feel the presence of the excruciating journey.
  • What would it feel like to have a chance to heal your relationship to your Self and the cancer experience?
  • Perhaps you have held space for a loved one, caring for them, witnessing the painful process and are in need of release & renewal

This Day of Healing is for people looking to:

  • Reset
  • Create alignment in body and mind.
  • Bring ease, clarity and fluidity to the spine and surrounding tissues.
  • Release stored tension from the nervous system and make room for more flexibility and breath.
  • Develop internal strategies for coping with present and/or past trauma.

Your Daylong Intensive Includes:

  • Focused support of your nervous system to develop and increase resiliency.
  • Devoted healing movement to reduce stressors and awaken opportunities to harmonize your body, mind and spirit.
  • Sanctuary space to support the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis for you or a loved one.
  • Sound immersion through the entrancing vibes of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls.
  • Extended time in a safe beautiful natural setting to nurture and nourish you.
  • A delicious, organic, locally hand-crafted midday meal.
  • Added bonuses to support you as you continue your healing journey.
  • Guidance and support delivered by experienced practitioners who understand firsthand the trials of a cancer diagnosis.

Your Day Will Look Like This:

You’ll first arrive at a stunning Vermont hilltop location with gorgeous views and relaxation nooks perfect for solitude, reflection and inspiration.

After arriving, you’ll meet fellow attendees, enjoy a soothing morning beverage and settle into the calm and luxurious surroundings. Your healing facilitators will then set the stage for the rest of the day by having you create a personal and powerful intention that you’ll carry forth.

Two customized sessions with Dr. Julieta will provide highly-focused healing work, occurring in both the morning and afternoon. These are intended to release stored tension and trauma from specific areas in your spine. Your central nervous system is The Orchestrator, directing each cell of the body. When we experience high stress, protective mechanisms are called to action, which is necessary and helpful – except when we stay stuck in the fight-or-flight response. People who have experienced cancer, or are moving through it, need as many internal resources as possible freed up in order to deal with the challenging circumstances. This is important for both patients and caregivers alike. Clearing the nervous system allows for more fluidity, clarity and peace. 

In between these highly personalized sessions, you’ll be led through: 

  • Gentle movement exercises to help the flow of qi (our life force energy) through your body, mind and spirit.
  • A Tibetan and crystal singing bowl session to unlock stored cellular energy and increase your overall vibration.
  • Easy-to-practice oncology yoga poses and relaxing, neuro-respiratory breathing techniques and body holds to reduce surface tension, smoothing the way to even deeper meditation and relaxation experiences.
  • Designing an intention bracelet with beautiful healing stones to act as a physical reminder to assist you in the continuation of your healing journey.

This Retreat Offers You 

  • A course correction towards more peace and ease in the body and mind.
  • A boost of energy to assist the nervous system with doing its job of adaptability & healing.
  • An opportunity to work with experienced practitioners who will share tools for you to become empowered and more connected with your Self and innate resiliency.

This Retreat is NOT

  • A treatment or cure to any physical/mental/emotional symptom or condition.
  • Talk therapy. We will focus on addressing the body to help bring more ease to the body/mind.
  • An attempt to “fix” the diagnosis, yourself, a loved one.

Testimonials from Past Retreats

How You’ll Benefit – Plus an Added Bonus

The momentum created during this special intensive will help participants continue in their journey with more clarity, ease and grace. AND… it doesn’t end here! After the workshop, each participant will receive: 
  • A half-hour one-on-one, remote self-adjusting session with Dr. Julieta where she will guide you to create spinal alignment from the comfort of your own home.
PLUS, you may choose one of the following 50-minute offerings from Geri Ann:
  • An Oncology Yoga Session
  • A Five-Element Qigong Session
  • A personalized “Six Month Roadmap” Coaching Session informed by the creative self-discovery framework of Tarot

Your Retreat’s Stunning Location 

Escape from the hustle, the appointments and the stress, and enjoy an entire day FOR YOU. You’ll reset, realign and renew both in, and on the grounds of, a mid-century modern lodge, just a short drive from Burlington. Set up on a hill, surrounded by nature and light, it includes an indoor porch, hammock and designated areas for both solitude and connection. 

Mmmmmore About Lunch! 

Your nutritious and delicious meal will be catered by Eco Bean and Greens.

“Eco Bean And Greens is a 100% gluten and soy free restaurant. 95% of our menu items are made from organic ingredients. We specialize in making coffee and tea beverages, salads, smoothies, grain bowls and wraps. Everything we offer is made fresh in house using only the best local and organic ingredients. All of our house made dressings are made from 100% organic oils. We cater to all diet types whether you are Vegan, Paleo, Keto or on a whole 360 diet, we have you covered!”

Apply here to reserve your spot today. Only 3 spots left!

About Your Healing Facilitator:

Holistic Julieta Rushford Santiago

Dr. Julieta I. Rushford Santiago

Has three decades of direct hands-on experience. Although her work is informed by her training as a Doctor of Chiropractic, it is mostly intuitive and energetic in nature. Dr. Julieta has helped thousands of people connect within themselves to access their own healing capacities by focusing on the central nervous system. Through specific gentle touch, some dialogue, visualization and essential oils, Dr. Julieta assists clients in the acknowledgment and release of present and past tension in the body. This clearing can shift the mind, bringing clarity and peace. Her work is enriched by her cancer journey, as both a cancer mom and a patient herself.

Geri Ann Higgins

Geri Ann Higgins, Owner/Founder of Fully Present, LLC, helps people feel less stressed, more often so they can increase more pockets of peace and vitality into their day. Geri Ann provides this support through a variety of meditative, movement, stress reduction and self-discovery approaches. Her many certifications, training and life experiences include, but are not limited to, being a breast cancer survivor, Holistic Cancer Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified yoga4cancer Teacher, and longtime Meditation and Qigong practitioner and teacher. Geri Ann’s unique mix of skills and talents allow her to customize classes and hold space for clients that serve them in the highest and best way.