7 Steps for Releasing Emotional Patterns with Aromatherapy

Have emotions clouded the expression of your authentic self? Do your emotional patterns feel deeply embedded in your body and mind? So much so that responses seem automatic? The technique Essential Connections addresses both the body and the mind. It will help you to finally be more you.

We work with therapeutic grade pure essential oils. Then we use personal affirmations. help ease the release of outdated emotional patterns. And at same time, we refocus attention on desired thoughts and emotions. Clients consistently report that their relationship to their challenging emotion shifts… “[the emotion] is not the monster it once was.” It feels as if the emotion gets weeded out of the system and replaced with more ease.

  1. Determine the correct emotion that your body/mind is ready to address and let go.
  2. Focus with intention what you are replacing the old emotional story with.
  3. Use a specific affirmation to help the brain create new neural pathways.
  4. Inhale the essential oil that is right for you.
  5. Apply the oil precisely in an energetic point in the body to unblock tension.
  6. Repeat daily.
  7. Remain open to the unfolding of internal wisdom.
  8. Not recommended if pregnant, nursing, taking medications or if the person has a medical condition. Consult your physician.

How It Works:

A key emotion is determined from a list of over 350 options. The person is given a specific essential oil to inhale and apply topically. Application is on a specific energetic point in the body. The pre-determined affirmation is repeated daily to address that particular emotion. The specific 7 step program will be customized to you.

Why It Works:


Thought patterns create neural pathways in the brain. which in turn create a cascade of chemicals that affect our behavior. These neural circuits can and do change through a process called neuroplasticity. The daily affirmations are designed to assist the brain in creating new connections. And thus, a new upgraded thought processes.

Affirmation Examples

“I move beyond my limitations”
“It is safe to be seen”
“My spiritual connection protects me”
“I am free to move forward”
“I go to a loving space”
“I come from my strength”

Essential Oils 

Have you ever experienced the powerful relationship between your senses of smell? Memory? And emotion? Consider the mere scent of hot apple pie. And that special perfume. Or how fresh pine can evoke out-of-context memories and emotions which blur past and present.

There is a simple neurological reason for this phenomenon. Your head contains an olfactory (smell) system and the limbic system (an old part of the brain responsible for memory and deep primal emotions). They occupy adjacent regions in the brain. They are deeply interconnected. Different aromas can evoke different limbic responses. These are related to our primal imperatives of safety, fear, trust, love, self-esteem, depression, anger, joy.

Once we have determined the emotion that is ready for you to clear you will receive your personalized 7 Step report to get you started right away.

Keep In Mind:

  • The application of this technique is not meant to replace any mental health therapy. In no way are we diagnosing or treating any symptom or condition. The use of this technique is simply a natural modality to assist the person in reconnecting with themselves on a deeper level.
  • This technique is based on the work of Dr. Carolyn Mein, “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.”
  • Not all essential oils are equal. I endorse high quality, tested, therapeutic grade essential oils. After trying different brands I have had great results with the brand doTERRA. Please do not order essential oils from the internet. Many of these are unregulated and most likely altered. Purity is extremely important when using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Looking to purchase essential oils? Visit here.
  • Keep essential oils away from children and pets.
  • Essential oils are not meant to be ingested.

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