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Dr. Julieta I. Rushford Santiago

You May Have All The Money In The World, Yet It Cannot Buy The Things You Need Most Now...

Connection. Touch. Healing. Joy. Peace.

For the past 30 years I have been struggling. I haven’t been true to myself. I have felt trapped.

The box of Chiropractic as a profession, no longer fits me. It actually never has.

So many of my patients have told me over the years: “what you do is not chiropractic,” to which my ego responded by arguing back, defending my hard-earned title.

Time kept passing, and I kept holding tight to the image of what my career should look like. I was trying to fit in. A square peg in a round hole.

And I’m done.

Exclusive Sessions

Month-long treatments focused only on you.

Complete the Connection

Retrieve all the missing and hidden pieces of your life.

Release the Gem

Healing that lets you return to the brilliance of your spirit.

We Manifest & Create Our Own Realities

About 8 years ago I started giving myself permission to feel deeper into people’s nervous systems, picking up information that was non-linear and, honestly, hard to explain how I got it. But it changed my life, and it changed my work.

The Vital Element That Will Set You Free

How did I know that someone experienced a trauma at age 3, or that they were just thinking at that exact moment about an upcoming job interview? My intuition was taking over. Not only that, I started feeling a presence in the room at times, which would turn out to be a relative already gone, and sometimes I would “hear” information.

I knew I officially crossed the line when I introduced oracle cards. I would jokingly tell people to not share with others that their chiropractor pulled a divination card with a pink dancing owl on it. I was actually serious. I felt a bit of shame. Other professionals would dismiss me and my work as woo-woo.
But I was getting unheard of results. People would leave the brief sessions with me feeling a profound shift in body and mind, so I knew I was on the right track.

Which brings me to now.


Transformative healing of trauma buried in your body's memory.

Vastly improved quality of life after release of old emotions.

Healing that comes with lessons for ongoing self care.

You Need Not Sacrifice Safety To Continue Healing Your Body And Soul​

I have an exclusive opportunity available for a very few and select new clients. Something that is highly reputable and not available anywhere else in the world.

If you are:

  • looking to deepen your connection to Self
  • looking to soothe a deep ache
  • searching for a way to receive the benefits of bodywork at home
  • yearning to be more empowered in your personal health
  • looking for a way to emerge from these turbulent times with more awareness and guidance from within

Then my rare skill may be for you.

Because of my limited time and availability…I can only take on a few clients. That means less than a handful at a time. This is ONLY for people who want individual, competent attention.

If you are ready for a new paradigm in emotional, physical, and mental healing… An approach that empowers you to co-create the results you are desiring…

Contact me.

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Lives That Have Been Changed

“I used to feel consumed, nervous all the time. Now I have stuff come up but I can breathe through it, not hold on to it, I am not afraid to feel.I feel stronger; I let emotions come, and am more aware and compassionate with myself, which allows the feelings to flow. I have felt a significant change- I have desires again, heart feels lighter- I am not feeling depressed and unmotivated. I am strongly encouraged by this work!” – T. Benoit


“I felt as if I was overcome without any power over the situation, like I was at the whim of external situations. After doing the work with Julieta I feel empowered. I began to see that I have the power to manifest what I want. It has been miraculous.” – L.P.


“I feel more resilient to stresses of all sorts; stronger, and more optimistic about my ability to create positive change for myself in the future. I feel somewhat more patient, with others and with myself.” – Patti


“The treatments are very simple and yet powerful; I can feel the energy move through my body.Many things have improved since I started seeing Julieta; I sleep better, I think clearer, my energy level is higher. The atmosphere is wonderful, but most important to me is the feeling of being welcome and cared for.” – Linda


Now is the time for more than a mere skin-deep solution.

Holistic Julieta Consulting offers 1:1 programs guiding spiritual, stressed-out professional women, to free themselves from tension and trauma so they may experience resiliency, fluidity, and peace.

Book a call with my team to learn more
if you are ready for a specialized solution.