One on One Nervous System Healing Intensive Program

How much is inner peace worth to you?

How much is it costing you to not have it?
I have openings for people who are looking to:
   🫶 Shed physical and emotional tension from the nervous system through a body based approach that has helped hundreds of people over 3 decades,
   🫶 Connect deeper with your Innate Wisdom, the Healer Within,
   🫶 Strengthen your bodymind’s resiliency to better handle present, and past, stress,
   🫶 Create an intentional pause in order to focus on clearing stress and trauma from your body,
   🫶 Bathe in inner Peace.
I’m offering a 1:1 Nervous System Healing Intensive Program. 
The culmination of my 30+ years experience.

This is:

 ✅ Individualized
   ✅ Trauma Informed
   ✅ Customized care to support you in your unique journey.

This is not:

 ❌ Talk therapy
   ❌ Fixing
   ❌ Group coaching

You are who you are because your nervous system has integrated all of your life’s experiences into your “story.” The good moments and the not-so-good moments. Evolving science has shown that these stories can and do change- with intention and attention, hence the term, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.”

Life’s stresses and traumas can leave you feeling:

  • Like “that pain” will never go away.
  • Vulnerable and in need of creating protective shields so you don’t get hurt again.
  • Tension in your body and your mind that is always nagging and so draining!
  • Stuffing down your authentic self, not having a Voice.


How can you open up to love when you are holding your authentic Self back?

How can you be present with your family when there is underlying fear and anguish that is keeping you from being in the moment?

Unspoken stresses are stored in the tissues of your body. This affects not only your relationships but your health, career, and finances.


This exclusive program is for those who have:

  • Tried years of therapy and still feel the stress, anxiety, and pain.
  • Put themselves aside for too long and are hungry for a comprehensive dose of self-care.
  • Reached the place where “something has to change”. You can no longer continue on
    the path you have been and are ready for a major course correction towards ease and
    peace in your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Experienced a significant loss or trauma and are seeking a release from that burden.

I can guide you in accessing and releasing trapped tension from your nervous system. In my 1:1 customized program, we will work together to unpack some of these stories from your body/mind in order for you to experience the peace and freedom you’ve been wanting.

You may feel that your pain and anguish have been there for too long. That you don’t want to “go there.” But I have news. Not connecting with this aspect of your self does not mean it is gone. In fact, it is probably festering, taking up energy reserves to keep it contained and hidden. This means that the limited supply of energy in your system is being drained by this story and pulled away from other vital areas- physically and mentally.

It is hard to see the picture when you are inside the frame. Having an expert assess and support your nervous system in an objective manner will facilitate your journey of going within in a safe and efficient way.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Wake up in the morning feeling fresh, clear and free, unburdened by traumas and grudges you’ve held onto for so long…
  • Feel the warmth of genuine, unguarded love in your heart and the sincere desire to spread that love to those around you, without condition…
  • Replace tightness & tension from your body/mind with ease, breath, fluidity.
  • Move through the world feeling free and safe…

Let’s upgrade your nervous system so it can be more present in the Now Moment.

The work I am offering is 1 on 1. Specific to you, your history, your individual needs, your goals. One of the most powerful aspects of the healing work I do is that we are identifying subtle tangible physical areas of stress in your nervous system. It has taken me 30 years of practice to fine tune this skill in order to help people like you connect with and transcend pain.

The best part? You don’t have to share or “process” the issues or trauma verbally with me. I am gently guiding your nervous system to unpack the charge around these life events through specific bodywork, breathing patterns, essential oils and visualization. You don’t need to sit on a mountaintop and meditate for hours on end.

I can read the stories buried in people’s spines and surrounding tissues- forgotten stories that remain present at a cellular level, that continue to bring suffering and pain subconsciously. I am gifted in helping people access these stresses and through my work they are able to shift, reframe, release, transform these burdens from their body/mind and experience peace and ease.

I believe you will find my work to be unlike anything out there. It is unlike any other type of bodywork because it has an intuitive holistic view of the nervous system and elicits a change through a unique, customized approach. It is unlike energy healing because I integrate hard science, plus years of higher education to provide a comprehensive body, mind and spirit experience that is personalized to you in that moment.

Imagine what it will be like when

  • Your neck, back and shoulders feel more relaxed, less stiff.
  • Your inner dialogue includes love & support, and self-compassion
  • You are no longer suffocated by your pain and suffering
  • You have more energy, vitality and aliveness.
  • You are able to feel calmer, less anxious, more confident.

Let's Begin Your Healing Journey

How the Nervous System Healing Intensive Program works

  • First, you choose how long – we can do one week, or a month.
  • Then, we’ll schedule a Personal Initial Consultation. A $250 value.
  • We’ll begin meeting daily for one-on-one healing work where I assess the levels of stress in your nervous system and support your spine by connecting with and releasing tension and trauma through specific touch, breath, dialogue, and visualization. A $1,625, weekly value.
  • Together, I will help you identify the exact essential oil that will help you release deep emotional patterns by accessing the limbic system and cellular memory. The cost of the essential oil included is included,  up to a $140 value.
  • I’ll also provide you access to the Online Course, 7 Steps for Emotional Freedom Using Essential Oils Course, valued at $99.

Here’s what to expect when working on your nervous system

As a result of this program, you can expect to experience a shift in your ability to cope with past and present stress, your internal dialogue will change as you tune in to your body’s cues, you will feel your spine more flexible, have less tension because muscle tightness will melt, increased movement along the vertebra results in better posture and overall ease. Breathing will be deeper and fuller.

You will experience increased awareness, resiliency, feel freer, relaxed, calmer, less tension and tightness in the body, inner peace.

Can you really afford not to focus on your self-care?

Here is the likely scenario if you don’t take action:

It will take you much longer to heal life issues.

You will continue to recreate dysfunctional patterns of behavior/relationships/life.

You will experience a disconnect in body & mind which shows up as physical and emotional stress and tension.


About Dr. Julieta I. Rushford Santiago

I hear you. You are not alone.

Two years into our son’s 3.5 leukemia treatment plan, I, too, received the news that my body had cancer. I had to undergo 6 weeks of aggressive radiation, plus chemotherapy. I had severe complications due to a pulmonary embolism and an unexpected life-threatening reaction to heparin. Not only was I caring for my son with cancer, now I had to survive mine, and I HAD to find peace.

I am not your weekend-trained healer.

Not only do I bring 30 years of direct hands-on experience working with people like you, I also have a BS in Science and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. I hold certifications in Aromatherapy, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Network Spinal Analysis and ChiroYoga.

When our only son was diagnosed with cancer my world fell apart. I was devastated and in shock during most of his 3+ years of daily treatment. I was a mess.
The day we received the news, I remember what I was wearing, earrings and all. The nurse read out his lab results and slowly said: “You need to stop what you are doing and take him to the ER immediately”. Thus began our cancer journey with our 15 year old.

I couldn’t stop my body from shaking.

But, as my husband drove him to the hospital and I drove home to pack for an undetermined stay at the hospital, I felt an energetic shield protecting my mind from the constant attack of dark and terrifying thoughts. I had practiced my own healing work of affirmations with essential oils, posture shifts, and breathing for so long that my default was automatic. Fears were kept at arms’ distance because I had programmed my limbic system to repeat healing mantras. And it worked. In my moment of direst need, I was able to stay afloat because of the work and effort I had put into my own healing. Of course, I still cried and sobbed and was afraid, but I felt peace within the terror, if that makes any sense.

Our son is getting stronger every day and I am eternally grateful. As I emerge from this experience, I feel the calling to help others in a personalized and intimate setting.

Client Case Study

A client I will call Mandy is in her late 50’s and has been tackling some unexplained severe health issues. Mandy is a self-employed, successful, health coach. She lives a very conscious life in terms of being aware of what she eats and how she thinks, and takes good care of her and her family’s body & mind.

Mandy confessed that people would repeatedly tell her that she needed to see me because it was so “magical” but she resisted it because it seemed unreal to her, it didn’t seem possible to her to get the kind of results her friends were describing. Her barrier to her care with me was her mind telling her that it simply could not be as effective as people made it sound.

This is what she shares about how she felt after her first session:
“I walked in one way and walked out feeling another, and I mean feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually like an openness, a clarity…”. Now she knows there is something she can do that is natural and effective that helps her when she feels stuck.

The other day as we were untangling some buried stress from her spine a particular traumatic life event showed up from when she was in her early 20’s. In that moment, she was flooded with such emotion as she put two and two together. She sobbed as she was able to pinpoint a critical and terrifying life experience which had molded her view of life and was directly affecting her physical and mental health. She had forgotten about it.

I helped her connect with specific areas of tension in her spine because the nervous system holds the key. The spine holds on to past tension and trauma and keeps replaying it on a cellular level until it finds a way to release that blockage and move forward. Through some soft and gentle breathing and dialogue, Mandy was able to reframe the experience from sorrow and despair to gratitude.

She is now lighter, joyful and at peace.

“I feel absolutely transformed. I instantly felt relief as you worked on me. And I also realize that the Love and Light isn’t you; You are the conduit. I need to remember that that love and light and connectedness is always available to me 24 hours a day. This work is helping my nervous system to seek it; it’s helping me find ways to reset. When I am very stressed I use my breath and move my spine to help me access my inner peace. I now know that I do have some control over my nervous system without having to spend hours and hours and hours in meditation on top of a mountain. This work is incomparable.”

Mandy has been able to reduce the stress from within by implementing simple strategies for self-regulation. She feels calm and relaxed. She is empowered in her healing.