As a holistic chiropractor and energy healer, I have an intimate understanding of the anguish that my clients are feeling.

I realize the possibility that just like my own clients, you may have been separated from your healing sessions, therapy or treatments. You may also be feeling lost and confused.

Your faith and belief in the knowing that the Universe will provide, is surely what has led you here. And led you to the new solution for healing that my own chiropractic clients are now benefiting from.

The Remote Self-Adjustment Healing Technique™ does not require that we be in the same room to have a successful session. I do not have to physically touch with my hands to feel your body’s stresses, or to position you for adjustment. I am now empowering you to activate your body’s self-healing capacity. I will also gently guide you to connect with the natural intelligence that resides within you.

I use my extensive chiropractic expertise to coach you using questions, breathing, and postures to address tension stored in your central nervous system. The work is specific to you in the moment. Because your body is an amazing self-healing organism, you will quickly notice an obvious improvement. And together we are also able to reduce the stress and tension in your mind.

This All Happens Over The Phone.

If this all seems as though it will require a leap of faith for you to believe that it is possible… you are not alone.

Even some of my clients that I have treated in my chiropractic office before have been a little hesitant about trying this new technique. They are now also learning how amazing their body’s inner wisdom truly is. And how easy it is to use the energies of the universe for Self.

Achieve Real Results

Immediately After

3 Weeks After


A fluid nervous system help the mind and body better cope with stress.


Become your own healer.


From the comfort of your home, business, or hotel.

The Remote Self-Adjustment Technique™ combines instructions I give you over the phone, directing you on how to position your body during the  treatment session. I have a few simple props (t-shirt, towel or yoga mat, and cushion) that you need to have handy.  

I integrate my decades of holistic chiropractic experience working directly with clients, to customize your session.  We work together to help you access specific parts of your spine via adjustment of your posture.  We dive deeper by exploring with questions that may be relevant for you at that moment.  

So this is certainly designed for your unique needs.  We will focus in each moment, on what comes up for you. That which is ready to be addressed for healing.  I use my  knowledge of the spine, yoga and essential oils to guide you through your own journey of exploration and liberation.  

I also work with a pendulum and do energy work, as your energy calls for it.  I then use my pendulum to tap into the Unified Field of Consciousness. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it basically states that we have access to information from the ether or energy field at all times. 

The mind seems to contain everything at once in a timeless and placeless interconnectedness. 
 …which also means that all information is always and everywhere immediately available.” (van Lommel, p. 224, 244) 

Through this work, I’ve felt what emotional stress feels like in someone’s neck and what abuse feels like in the lower back. I can tell the difference between finding a chemical stress in a person’s spine due to marijuana, LSD or cigarette smoke.

I can read the spine with incredible accuracy. For example, I would be able to tell you about such events as a fall you may have had when you were a toddler. Or some other event that caused trauma that you may not remember. The body keeps score of past stresses which have not healed. They are tucked away, hidden in an energetic file that is hoping to never be re-opened because it is too painful.

The thing is that the energy charge around this information is draining. It robs life force from other areas of the body and mind. As we address these heavy stories by helping the nervous system connect and heal, we free up space for increased resiliency, light, breath.

I Am Here With You…

If you have experienced trauma at some point in your life, know that I can personally relate to these emotional and physical trials.

My only son was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. The terror felt is nothing I wish upon any other parent. It’s unimaginable. Until it happens to you. Then you bear it. Always.

Two years after his diagnosis I, too, was diagnosed with cancer. I know despair. Some, at least. I talk from experience when I say that I know a thing or two about healing. Not because I learned it in a textbook. But because I have walked and continue to walk the path.

So our work together will certainly come from a place of knowing, compassion and experience.

I trust that you have enough self awareness and desire to face some of your shadows. That you have the courage to do some deep digging. I will hold safe space with you and assist your nervous system to emerge through our work together empowered and free. I too will experience progressive healing from your healing.

Our continued follow-up treatment also involves my intuitive recommendation to you to use certain essential oils. You will receive a specific essential oil as part of our work together as an added bonus.

Essential oils have “chemical intelligence.” They assist each individual in a unique manner. This powerful tool helps clear stuck emotional issues or blocks that you may consciously not be aware of, but your body-mind may have retained.

Despite my intellectual compassion for myself, there remained a subconscious habitual pattern of criticism. The “I receive” part of my mantra was powerful because I often feel like I am fighting life, “I receive” opened me. Amazing! The scent is a catalyst for mind-body connection via the nervous system- even away from magical Julieta.” -Kiersten O.

I’m very excited about this new co-creation with you. The world needs healing. Pronto.

As each of us heals, the ripples will touch others with love and kindness. We can and must heal ourselves.

We have available within each of us a Life Force. NOW is the time to unleash it for our own healing.

Multiply this by a few million people and we can heal the world. 

Schedule today, my availability is limited.

In Light, 
Holistic Julieta 

P.S. The Remote Self-Adjustment Technique™ is intended to help people expand their self-help tools for personal and spiritual development. This technique is not intended to treat or diagnose any symptom or condition. People are encouraged to consult their physician.